Your Guide to SAT Subject Tests

What Are the SAT Subject Tests? The SAT Subject Tests, also known as the SAT IIs, are specialized one-hour tests meant to measure a student’s preparedness for college coursework in particular fields. These tests are scored on the same 200-800 point scale as the other sections of the regular SAT, and can be seen as […]

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New Seattle Times Article Highlights the New SAT

A Seattle Times article debuted this week that highlights the changes and challenges presented by the new SAT. The article focuses on how the new SAT test requires students to rely more heavily than ever on language abilities to succeed. Though the reading portion is roughly the same length as the previous SAT–3,250 words on […]

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What’s Different About the New SAT?

The SAT has recently undergone a major shift in its design. The SAT has returned to the 1600-point system, made the essay “optional,” and restyled the exam questions to emphasize interpreting evidence and using skills in context. The College Board hopes that these changes will reduce some of the socio-economic bias inherent in standardized testing. […]

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Considerations for taking the Current SAT, the New SAT, or the ACT

Students in the class of 2017 have more options than they can easily navigate. Should they take the old SAT, the new SAT, or the ACT? There are arguments to be made for each test, and it mostly boils down to the strengths and needs of the individual. Here are a few of the key […]

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SAT Subject Tests: Your Chance to Play to Your Strengths

SAT Subject Tests—also known as the SAT IIs—shouldn’t be a source of anxiety for college-bound high school students. The Subject Tests are actually an opportunity to show off what you know, highlight your skills and strengths, and potentially compensate for any gaps or low marks on your transcript. At Sandweiss Test Prep, we want to […]

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Should Juniors Take the Old SAT, the New SAT, or the ACT?

By now, many people are aware that the SAT is changing.  Starting next March 2016, the redesigned SAT will replace the current SAT for many students in the class of 2017 and beyond.  It will return to its roots of having two main sections:  Math and Verbal, each scored on a 200-800 point scale with […]

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SAT Subject Test Preparation: How to Ace the Exams

The SAT Subject Tests are coming up in May and June. These multiple-choice exams are offered in US History, World History, Literature, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and about a dozen foreign languages. Juniors planning to apply to highly selective schools should be gearing up to take at least two of the subject tests before they […]

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Juniors: Take the SAT/ACT this Fall!

Chances are that if you’re a junior in high school or are the parent of one, you’re probably starting to seriously consider college options. A great way to be more appealing to college admissions departments is to boost those SAT/ACT scores. Why take the tests so early? Giving yourself time to get results back and […]


Retaking the SAT/ACT: A Good Idea?

So, you got your test results back and you’re not happy with the score. Take a deep breath, there’s no need to panic! College hopefuls can retake the SAT and ACT until they reach their ideal score. Depending on the requirements for your target colleges and your position in high school, retaking these standardized tests […]


New Changes to the SAT: Reading Section

The College Board recently announced significant revisions to the SAT exam. In our last post, we told you about upcoming changes to the writing section. Today we will outline the changes to the Critical Reading portion of the exam. The current version of the SAT contains three scored Critical Reading sections and three scored Writing […]







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