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We provide in-office diagnostic testing for the following exams:  ACT, SAT, LSAT, ISEE, and SSAT.  GRE and GMAT diagnostic tests are computerized exams that can be taken in our office or elsewhere.  Our diagnostic testing is designed as a first step for students who are interested in preparing for their official exam with us.  Diagnostic tests provide you with insight into what the test is like.  The results help us to see where you need the most guidance and enables us to recommend the best method of preparation for you.  Each diagnostic test is a full-length exam taken in our office under exam conditions.  If you have already taken the test you are preparing for, we can use your past scores as a substitute for a diagnostic test.

Once we’ve scored your diagnostic or had a look at your previous test results, we’ll contact you to provide feedback and analysis including a detailed score report, and we’ll let you know about our various test preparation options. If an ACT and an SAT are taken or past scores are sent to us from one or both exams, our analysis will include a comparison of each comparable section, and a recommendation regarding which test may put you in the position to perform your best.  We will subsequently recommend either one of our full-length courses or private tutoring, or a combination of the two.

*Although we do provide students with the opportunity to complete the essay portion of the ACT and SAT diagnostics, the diagnostic essays are optional and we generally do not provide a score.  We do provide feedback on diagnostic essays within our tutoring program, or in a group class upon request. You have the option to skip the essay portion of the diagnostic, but will be taught the rubric and strategies for it in our test prep programs and will be writing the essay during practice tests with us.

There’s no pressure to sign up for any specific services – we will give you an honest and straightforward assessment of your test preparation needs, so that you can make your own decision about which option is best for you.

** One diagnostic test is effectively free for people who intend to register for a course or private tutoring with Sandweiss Test Prep in the near future.  Each diagnostic test is $40 (additional fee for students receiving extra time).  We are happy to apply $40 of your diagnostic test payment(s) to our services if you register and pay your course deposit or tutoring registration fee within two weeks (14 days) after receiving your diagnostic test results.  If you take two diagnostic tests, we apply $40 of the $80+ paid for both tests to your group course or tutoring registration fee for one test .  You may pay the diagnostic fee online.

Please Note:  We do not provide diagnostic testing for students who are already receiving or planning to receive tutoring or other test prep from another company or individual tutor outside of our organization.

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