SAT Subject Test Preparation: How to Ace the Exams

Mar 21st, 2015 | SAT

The SAT Subject Tests are coming up in May and June. These multiple-choice exams are offered in US History, World History, Literature, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and about a dozen foreign languages. Juniors planning to apply to highly selective schools should be gearing up to take at least two of the subject tests before they submit their college applications. With a little help from Sandweiss Test Prep and a lot of studying on your part, we’re confident you’ll be fully prepared for these intensive exams and will have the tools you need to ace them later this spring.

While not every student will find benefit from taking the SAT Subject Tests, they’re an important consideration for the more selective institutions. The good news is that unless you’re intending to major in a STEM field, it doesn’t really matter which of the subject tests you take. (Those intending to pursue a major in science, computers, engineering, or math should take the Math 2 exam, as well as one of the science subjects). Students applying to universities such as Stanford, MIT, Claremont, or Georgetown should consider taking at least two SAT Subject Tests and maybe even three. You may take up to three individual tests on a single testing date, so prepare accordingly if that’s your plan.

The scoring on the SAT Subject Tests is on the same scale as the regular SAT, with scores ranging between 200-800. Each test is one hour in length and students should aim for scores of at least 650 or higher. To your benefit, many of the tests are strongly curved, so answering about two-thirds of the questions correctly often translates into a pretty strong score.

Two test dates are scheduled for the remainder of this school year: May 2nd and June 6th. The last opportunities for seniors to take the SAT Subject Tests before college application deadlines are in October or November of 2015.

Sandweiss Test Prep offers guided, private tutoring for all 20 SAT Subject Tests. With free diagnostic exams for each test subject, we can help you assess your current knowledge level and suggest areas for improvement.

For more information about private tutoring for any of the SAT Subject Tests, please give Sandweiss Test Prep a call today at 206-417-5050 or contact us here.

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