New Seattle Times Article Highlights the New SAT

A Seattle Times article debuted this week that highlights the changes and challenges presented by the new SAT. The article focuses on how the new SAT test requires students to rely more heavily than ever on language abilities to succeed. Though the reading portion is roughly the same length as the previous SAT–3,250 words on […]

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Considerations for taking the Current SAT, the New SAT, or the ACT

Students in the class of 2017 have more options than they can easily navigate. Should they take the old SAT, the new SAT, or the ACT? There are arguments to be made for each test, and it mostly boils down to the strengths and needs of the individual. Here are a few of the key […]

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New Changes to the SAT: Reading Section

The College Board recently announced significant revisions to the SAT exam. In our last post, we told you about upcoming changes to the writing section. Today we will outline the changes to the Critical Reading portion of the exam. The current version of the SAT contains three scored Critical Reading sections and three scored Writing […]


New Changes to the SAT: Writing Section

This past March, the College Board announced plans to release a new SAT in the spring of 2016.  Details about the impending changes are being released in stages; however one of the most notable changes since the initial announcement has been to the writing portion of the exam. While writing and reading are currently separate […]

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New Changes to the SAT: Math Section

This past spring, the College Board announced major changes to the SAT. The changes will be implemented in the spring of 2016, so those who will be entering their junior year of high school in the fall of 2015 will be the first to have the opportunity to take the new SAT. Test prep businesses […]


Recent College Admissions Trends

Graduation season has passed, and it’s time to think about college applications! Recent college admissions trends offer important information to students applying in the next few months… The Importance of a High School Record. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, your child’s high school record is the number-one most important factor in […]


July 26, 2011 Is the Master’s the New Bachelor’s?

Yes, according to The New York Times. The master’s is currently the fastest-growing degree, and is on its way to becoming the entry degree to a wide variety of professions, especially now that degrees are specific and utilitarian (think supply chain management) and often with internships built in. So why the trend? Some blame the devaluing […]

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May 3, 2011 The New GRE: The Good and the Bad

On August 1st, it’s coming: the revised GRE. The Good: The new GRE will more accurately measure test-takers’ skills that they will need in graduate school. This means no more analogies, but much more reading comprehension. (Check out the linked Times article for sample questions.) And students will be allowed to use calculators. Test-takers will also be […]

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May 6, 2011 New GRE: The Format

The new GRE format will be: Analytical Writing: 1 Issue topic: 30 minutes Analytical Writing: 1 Argument topic: 30 minutes Verbal Reasoning: 2 sections, approx. 20 ques. each: 30 minutes Quantitative Reasoning: 2 sections, approx. 20 ques. each: 35 minutes Plus a possible unscored section, and a possible research section. Please do check out for more info.  

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May 7, 2011 State Schools to Be Allowed to Set Own Tuition

Lawmakers say they’ve agreed on the broad strokes of a higher-education bill that would give Washington’s five public universities and The Evergreen State College authority to set in-state undergraduate tuition for the next four years. This will mean a tuition hike of about 13 to 16 percent to make up for cuts in higher-ed funding, but also […]

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