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We were thrilled to be featured in Q13 A Tough Test Ahead: Making The Grade For College. As the article explains, we have helped hundreds of students in the Puget Sound area, successfully prepare for college tests. Check this video out:,0,6700471.story


This all depends on how much YOU can increase your score! Average score increases for students on our course are below, but the extent of your score increase is largely dependent on how hard you work and how dedicated you are to achieving your goal score.

  • Our average LSAT student sees a boost of 8-10 points.
  • Our average GRE student sees a boost of 60-80 points per section.
  • Our average GMAT student sees a boost of 50-80 points.
  • Our average SAT student sees a boost of 60-100 points per section.


This is a full length past exam paper, taken at our office or elsewhere upon arrangement, which helps us ascertain your current test taking ability and gives you a feel for the exam. In the case of the GRE and GMAT tests taken on the computer – you have to option of taking certain portions of the test only to reduce test taking time. Click here to schedule a free diagnostic.

Diagnostic test lengths:

  • SAT – 3.5 hours
  • ACT – 3 hours 5 minutes
  • LSAT – 2.5 hours
  • GRE – 2 hours 40 minutes
  • GMAT – 3 hours 40 minutes
  • ISEE – 2 hours 20 minutes
  • MCAT – 5 hours


This depends on your current test taking ability, learning preferences and your personal schedule. Some people find they learn better in a classroom environment and others prefer the personal support and intensiveness of one-on-one tutoring. Tutoring tends to be better suited to those who only need help in very specific areas of the test. Full courses or Strategy Lessons are better value if you need overall help. Tutoring can also be a good option for those whose schedule doesn’t align with our courses or Strategy Lessons.



Years of experience have taught us many things about test preparation. Most importantly, we’ve learned which preparation methods are truly the most effective, and that every student’s needs are different.

Because of this, we’ve decided to dispense of the rigid traditional course structure and are now providing every student with the chance to create a totally customized preparation experience.

There are 5 components to our preparation program and you can choose to register for any or all of them depending on your needs, schedule and budget. We’re confident that no matter what your situation requires, we will be able to meet all of your needs effectively and economically.

Our SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT preparation options are all structured in the same way. For each subject we offer weekly classroom strategy lessons, basic math refresher lessons, Study Hall, practice exams and private tutoring. All of these services are offered in Seattle and Bellevue.

The first step is to determine which of these services you need. Simply send us your past exam scores, or schedule a free diagnostic test with us. We’ll use these scores to make our recommendation.

Your preparation program may include a combination of the following:

■Strategy Lessons – there are four strategy lessons for each subject (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT), and each one is offered once a month in both Seattle and Bellevue. SAT/ACT Lessons are 2 hours long each, and GRE/GMAT Lessons are 3 hours long. Every lesson tackles test taking strategies for a different aspect of the test and you can find full descriptions for what is covered in any lesson in the blue Lesson Content box on the subject webpage. You can take the lessons you need in any order and can repeat each lesson once for free. For example, if you’re scoring high in SAT critical reading and writing, but your score in the math could do with a boost, you should take SAT Strategy Lessons Math 1 and Math 2 and maybe consider taking all four Math Refresher lessons as well. Look at the schedule to see when Math 1 and Math 2 are offered, and specify these dates in your class registration form. SAT/ACT lessons – $60 ea., GRE/GMAT Strategy Lessons – $90

■Math Refresher Lessons – these lessons can be taken on their own, but are often used to supplement strategy lessons or private tutoring. They provide all the basic math skills needed for the SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. There are four 2 hour lessons: two arithmetic lessons, an algebra lesson, and a geometry lesson. Each one is offered once a month in Seattle and in Bellevue. Take only the lessons you need and repeat any lesson one-time for free. If you’re not sure what you need, we’ve included links to online math tests for SAT, ACT and GRE. Sorry, we don’t have a link to a suitable GMAT math test yet! Math Ref. Lessons – $50 ea.

■Study Hall – Study Hall is a drop in study session session held twice a week in both Seattle and in Bellevue. It’s a great opportunity to review homework or do some revision in a quiet setting, or if you missed anything in class this is the time to come and catch up. Study Hall is included in the enrollment fee, so you can come as many times as you want while you are preparing with us. We recommend taking advantage of this great service!

■Practice Exams – taking practice exams before your real exam is an essential part of effective preparation. All practice exams must be scheduled directly with the office, will be proctored by a member of our staff (SAT, ACT) or taken on one of our computers (GRE, GMAT). We’ll provide you with your score breakdown after the test. You can use Study Hall as a time to come and review your test (SAT and ACT especially). Practice Tests are included in the enrollment fee but you must contact us to schedule each one.

■Private Tutoring – this is an excellent option for those who can’t make any of our scheduled sessions, or for those who don’t work well in classroom settings. We also might recommend one or two hours of tutoring in addition to strategy lessons in order to focus on anything you’re finding particularly tricky. $70/hour
So there you have it. If it still seems confusing or overwhelming, don’t worry. Once we’ve determined what you need to prepare, we will recommend which strategy or math refresher lessons you should take, and will provide you with some dates to choose from.

Send in your scores or schedule a diagnostic today and get started. We look forward to working with you!


Your Test Prep Options
If you are preparing to take a college or grad school admissions test, you have four basic options:

■Do nothing, take the test ‘cold’ and hope for the best.
■Study on your own or with friends, using available books and software.
■Study on your own and hire a tutor to help you improve in selected areas.
■Enroll in a test preparation course.
An Honest Look at the First Two Options
Based on 15 years of experience in preparing students for standardized tests, we wouldn’t recommend the first option to anyone who is serious about maximizing the value of their education. Some people can achieve their goals by studying on their own or with friends, particularly if they are already scoring at – or close to – the level they require for admission to the college of their choice. This option may also appeal to the kind of person who is highly-disciplined and self-motivated, and who is capable of taking instructions mainly from books and software but does not require personal interaction with a teacher in order to better understand their subject.

However, many test takers find it useful to work with a teacher or tutor, someone who can recognize your individual learning style and present the material in a way that increases your confidence in your test-taking abilities, thereby increasing your score. In this case, you should consider taking a course or arranging some private tutoring sessions.


If you are one of the many high school seniors, or a working adult considering going back to school, do you ever find yourself wondering the value of a college degree? There is no denying the state of the economy. We found a great article that we would like to share with you: “Value of College Degree is Growing, Study Says“, by Tamar Lewin, NY Times, 9/21/10