Benefits of Taking an ACT Diagnostic Test before the April Exam

Mar 2nd, 2015 | ACT, Test Prep Classes

With the next ACT National Test date coming up on April 18th, 2015, students should be preparing for the exam a little bit every day leading up to the day of the test. For students wanting an extra edge or are worried about what to expect from the test itself should consider taking an ACT diagnostic test from Sandweiss Test Prep. Here are three reasons to consider extra ACT test preparation outside of your normal studies:

Ease Test Day Jitters

Preparation is everything. You can fake confidence, but if you don’t know the material on test day, it won’t help your cause. True confidence in yourself comes from hard work, preparation, and diligent study to ensure you know the test criteria and what to expect. After taking an initial diagnostic test, many students consider their results and then enroll in a Sandweiss ACT Test Prep Course to ensure they’re prepared for the real thing. 

Maximize Your Admissions Potential

Higher standardized test scores look great on college admissions forms. Anecdotal evidence suggests that structured test preparation for months and weeks before standardized test dates have the potential to boost test scores up to 20 percentage points. That’s a significant bump that can help lift you above other students and make you look good on admissions tests.


Practice doesn’t make “perfect,”” as the old adage suggests, but it does make “better.” Taking a free diagnostic test at Sandweiss will help you identify your areas of focus for future study and highlight your strengths in different subjects. As part of a Sandweiss ACT Course, there are three additional practice tests over the duration of the course to help you track your progress as the test date gets closer.

To learn more about a free diagnostic test, click here. The Sandweiss ACT preparation course for the April 18th, 2015 starts Saturday, February 28th in Bellevue and Sunday, March 1st in Seattle and it’s not too late to enroll. Find out more about our ACT course or contact Sandweiss Test Prep.

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