Why You Should Avoid Online Test Prep Classes

May 25th, 2015 | Test Preparation

Access to the Internet allows people all over the world to learn about millions of topics, but with everything moving towards a digital equivalent (or in some cases, replacement) of a real-life counterpart, there’s a danger to students who rely on it for their studies. Online test preparation classes are becoming a popular alternative for students getting ready for the SAT and ACT, but there are a few reasons you should avoid them entirely.

No Classroom

This should read as a benefit, right? Many online test preparation services promote this fact, but studies have shown that placing students in environments that are associated with learning improves memory retention and, ultimately, test scores. Without a direct interaction with the instructors and the ability to ask questions of your instructors and peers in the same room, there’s potential for missed learning opportunities that could pay off come test day.

Less Qualified Instructors

Good people cost more money, so even if your online test preparation classes are cheaper than the real-world equivalent, that doesn’t mean you’re getting the same level of quality. Potential for disingenuous accreditation and qualifications are greatly increased with online test prep services, so we’d recommend a brick-and-mortar approach if you want to get the best educators possible.


Having your classroom just one click away from Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the vast Internet is not a very conductive learning environment. Keeping your pen and paper handy as your essential learning tools in a traditional classroom will cut down on distractions and help you stay focused on the task at hand – social media can wait until you get home.

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