How to Wait for Your College Acceptance Letter

Jan 24th, 2015 | College Admissions, Education Blog, Test Preparation

The application process is relatively easy – waiting to hear back from colleges about your application is the hard part. February and March are particularly stressful for students who just submitted their applications and are waiting to hear back. Frustration, stress, and pressure put on by your parents probably won’t help your mood, especially since you’re still in school at the time.

Sandweiss Test Prep has helped students through every level of their education reach their goals and we’ve seen firsthand how stressful the waiting around can be. Here are a few things to do while you wait for your college acceptance letter: 

Apply for Financial Aid

January and February are good times to apply for FAFSA aid, even if you’re not actively considering financial aid. Having the acceptance already approved will help safeguard against any potential issues before you go to school. Don’t forget to talk with your parents about financial aid and their status. Don’t put this off, though – FAFSA funding in the State of Washington is awarded until depleted starting January 1st. Other states vary – check deadlines here.

Check Your Status Online

Typically, harassing the admissions department isn’t usually a good strategy. Most colleges have automated systems that allow you to check the status of your application. Remember, everyone else who applied is also waiting to hear back too, so piling on probably won’t get you anywhere. If a university’s website doesn’t specify when letters will be sent, that’s something you should call about.

Update Your Information

If anything’s changed in your address, contact information, financial aid status, or personal life that affects your ability to go to school, you should inform the universities of the changes. Test scores, final grades, and awards or scholarships you’ve been awarded since your application was filed should be sent to each institution to help them make a more informed decision about your achievements.

For more information about preparing for college or the standardized tests required for applications, contact Sandweiss Test Prep today. We offer admissions seminars to help you get into more prestigious or selective institutions and can prepare you for the ACT or SAT.

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