Our Tips for College Applications

Dec 10th, 2014 | College Admissions

It’s a stressful time of year for high school seniors. End of semester tests or papers, sports and extra-curricular activities are heating up, and college applications are due soon. Even if you haven’t selected the schools you want to apply to yet, you’ll soon be looking into filling out those college applications. We have a few tips for making yourself look good to admissions counselors and stand out amongst the pack.

Apply Early

Competitive schools get thousands of applications. Sending yours along with the crowded rush as the deadline approaches not only shows that the school might not be your first choice or that you really care, but it also means your application might not get the attention you want it to. Remember: admissions officers are just people. Someone is much more likely to spend more time on individual documents when they’re not as busy or trying to keep up with a staggering workload. Distinguish yourself and apply early.

Transcript is Important

Admissions officers consider grades a very important barometer as to how studious someone is, but also to see if they challenge themselves. There’s a reason why AP courses are considered so highly – they’re much more demanding than regular courses and require much more work outside of class, so higher scores on those may factor in more than As in regular courses. That being said, taking several AP classes and getting Bs shows that you challenge yourself and make an effort – especially if you’re also involved in extra-curricular activities.

Get an Outside Opinion on Your Essay

You may feel more comfortable handing your admissions essay off to someone who knows you well, but what good will that do? Admissions officers don’t know you, so you should have someone who doesn’t know you very well critique your essay. It’s more daunting but it’ll help in the process. Be receptive and don’t take their notes too personally – you don’t have to take their advice even if they offer it.

Don’t Fret It

People succeed and excel in schools you’ve never heard of. Don’t put too much stock in the big, name-brand institutions if you don’t get into one. Finding a college you feel comfortable being a part of and finding ways to stand out among the crowd are things you can do anywhere. The school doesn’t make the student, the student makes the school.

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