Pew Asks: Is College Worth It?

Nov 1st, 2013 | Money, Undergrad


The Pew Research Center recently surveyed adults ages 18 and higher in the U.S. on what they think of the state of college education in this country. Here’s what they said:

  • A majority of Americans say the higher education system in the U.S. fails to provide students and their families good value for their money.
  • Adults who graduated from a four-year college believe that they are earning about $20,000 more a year as a result of having gotten that degree–and they are.
  • About half of students say that paying off student loans has made it harder to pay other bills.
  • It was worth it: 74% of college grads say their college education was very useful in helping them grow intellectually, 69% say it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person, and 55% say it was very useful in helping them prepare for a job or career.