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July 16, 2011 Law School: What You Need to Know

Amidst the recent flurry of articles about the crushing debt and terrible job market associated with law school, prospective law school students may find themselves thinking: Should I even bother? Well, yes–that is, if and only if you are passionate about the law, and think you will be able to gain admission to a relatively high-ranking law school. Don’t […]

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July 26, 2011 Is the Master’s the New Bachelor’s?

Yes, according to The New York Times. The master’s is currently the fastest-growing degree, and is on its way to becoming the entry degree to a wide variety of professions, especially now that degrees are specific and utilitarian (think supply chain management) and often with internships built in. So why the trend? Some blame the devaluing […]

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Attn Juniors: Start Your Essays

  You’ve got a few months off which means, yes, more work. But trust us, you want to do it now before the chaos of senior year takes over your life. Here are six tips from the NYT’s Choice blog for working on your college essay over the summer: 1. Clear your head. Find some solitude and have a good […]


May 3, 2011 The New GRE: The Good and the Bad

On August 1st, it’s coming: the revised GRE. The Good: The new GRE will more accurately measure test-takers’ skills that they will need in graduate school. This means no more analogies, but much more reading comprehension. (Check out the linked Times article for sample questions.) And students will be allowed to use calculators. Test-takers will also be […]

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April 22, 2011 The Inside Scoop: SAT/ACT Scores and College Admissions

Over at the New York Times’ college admissions blog “The Choice,” the deans of admission at Penn and Michigan reveal how they consider test scores on a college application. The Takeaway: SAT and ACT scores aren’t everything, though they are important. Admissions counselors go over scores quickly, and there are no minimum cutoff points. In […]

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April 29, 2011 More Students Take Rigorous Courseloads, But SAT Scores Flatline

The New York Times reports that although the percentage of high school students completing a rigorous curriculum rose from 5 percent in 1990 to 13 percent in 2009, test scores have remained about the same from year to year. What does this suggest? Probably that many of those advanced courses are not as advanced as they claim. […]

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August 21, 2011 The GMAT’s Makeover

Next June, an integrated reasoning section will be introduced to the GMAT. The new section will replace one of the essays, and will be heavy on data interpretation. The test will still take three and a half hours, and the verbal and quantitative sections will remain the same. Head over to the New York Times to try […]

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