Benefits of SAT and ACT Test Prep Classes

Dec 20th, 2013 | ACT, College Preparation, Newsletter, Test Prep Classes, Test Preparation, Testing

Winter and spring of junior year is the best time to prepare for the SAT or ACT—and if you have a student planning on taking one of those tests, it’s time to start getting prepared! Taking test prep classes is a great option for all different kinds of learners: visual, auditory & kinesthetic.

For the visual learner:

Taking a prep class as a visual learner often works better than “just studying”. Having a teacher in the front of the class gives students something visual to focus on, in order to better help them understand important concepts that will be on their tests.

For the auditory learner:

Auditory learners need to HEAR the material they need to know. Engaging with a teacher and other students in an audible environment can help them immensely. Through discussion, they’re able to speak aloud what they’re learning and hear others interpret it, creating their optimal learning environment.

For the kinesthetic learner:

Class participation and engagement for the kinesthetic learner can mean the difference between merely doing well on a standardized test and truly excelling. Your student will be given strategies for approaching any section of the SAT or ACT that work well for kinesthetic learners.

For any learner:

FEELING well-prepared for the test is an integral part of achieving the best results. Taking a test prep class can instill the necessary confidence that can alleviate the stress associated with the exams.

Many students feel considerable pressure to do well on college entrance exams—and they’re likely well aware that, to an extent, their future could hinge on the test. Register now for one of our upcoming SAT or ACT courses to help your son or daughter reduce test anxiety and to achieve the best possible scores.