5 Ways To Make Your Pre-College Summer Productive

Apr 29th, 2014 | College Preparation, High school, Newsletter

When school’s out and the sun is shining it can be difficult to focus on pre-college preparation. Don’t forget that summer is not a three-month break when it comes to your applications—colleges want to see that you spent your time doing something useful. You can make yourself appealing to colleges while still having plenty of time to enjoy the dog days of summer. Here’s how:


Seattle and its surrounding areas offer an endless amount of volunteer opportunities for people with all types of interests. Community service is a great way to get involved in your community and give back to those in need. These types of rewarding experiences will give you inspiration for college essays and provide lifelong character building.

College Prep

Get to know your dream schools before it’s time to start the applications process. Visit college campuses, research the academics offered, look into housing options. Many universities offer pre-college programs for incoming freshmen. Check out the services we offer at Sandweiss Test Prep if you need to re-take or study for an exam.


It’s never too early to get your foot in the door. Don’t rule out internships before college—if a company offers positions to high school students, apply! An internship is an important way to start building your network while learning about a career path that could influence your academic choices.

Summer job

Summer break is perhaps the best time to save money, and you’ll be glad you have some savings once school comes around again. Don’t fret if your job isn’t necessarily glamorous—a steady job shows college admissions advisers that you are devoted and hard-working.


A traveller knows that a trip can be so much more than relaxing vacation time. Some of the best life experiences come from travel, as well as increased cultural awareness and self-realization that can aid in your college admissions essays.

Personal Project

Now that you have some spare time, work on something that interests you. Want to learn a language? Paint? Build something? Now’s the time! Following your passion is a reflection of your character and provides a vital foundation to future endeavors.

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