Course and Tutoring Payments

  1. A deposit payment of $125 is required to hold your place in a course. Full payment for all group courses is due at or before the first course lesson. If you would like to pay the course fee in installments, let us know. We’re happy to help you arrange this. Please contact us for more details.
  2. Course Refund Policy: The $125 deposit and any other course payments are fully refundable up until one week before the course begins. Within one week of the course start day, all payments EXCEPT for the deposit will be refunded upon request. After the first class session, a prorated refund amount may be provided upon request. No refunds will be available after the second class lesson.
  3. Private tutoring payments are due at or before each individual tutoring session. The Tutoring Registration fee is always due at or before the first tutoring session.

Course Repeat Policy:

If you take a test prep course with us and don’t get the score you want, we offer you the opportunity of a one-time repeat of the next regularly scheduled course lessons, practice tests and reviews, for a small repeat and materials fee of $100. Please note, however, that you will likely need to schedule separate practice tests and reviews if the course is utilizing the same testing materials as your original course; this will incur an additional fee.

Please note:

  • If you take a condensed course (offered at a reduced price), and want to retake a full course you will be asked to pay the difference in course fees, plus the Repeat Fee.
  • Study Hall is not available for students repeating the course at a reduced fee.
  • Students repeating a course will need to bring the book they received in their original course; they will not be given a new copy of the course book.

Tutoring Cancellation Policy

We understand that many of our clients have very busy schedules and that situations arise that would require rescheduling or canceling an appointment. We kindly request that you provide us with 48 hours notice to avoid charges. Notice of less than 48 hours will generally incur charges for the full amount of the initially-scheduled session fee. Appointments considered to be a ‘No Show’ with no call to cancel will also be charged at the full tutoring rate. Thank you for your understanding.

Registering for Standardized Tests

Registering for a Sandweiss Test Prep course or private tutoring program does not include registration for the actual test. We are not affiliated with any of the official testing organizations. We provide practice tests only! Students or parents must register on their own for any official exams for which they are preparing.