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Make the Most of Your College Visits

Visiting colleges can help high school students fine-tune the list of schools to which they’ll be applying.  College visits can also help with the final decision regarding which school to attend once students have been accepted.  These visits are often the first glimpse into college life.   It’s crucial to make the most of them, and […]


Tell a Story with Your College Application Personal Statement

At many colleges and universities, admissions officers face the difficult task of sifting through thousands of files to determine which applicants will be a good fit for their school. While strong grades and test scores are necessary for gaining entrance to selective schools, they are not sufficient. In many cases, it is your application essays […]


Your College List: Choosing Where to Apply

There are over 2,000 four year colleges in the United States, and choosing which handful you should apply to can be a daunting task, especially when the next four or more years of your life may be determined by this decision. So what’s the key to choosing the right set of colleges? Variety. The college […]


What’s Different About the New SAT?

The SAT has recently undergone a major shift in its design. The SAT has returned to the 1600-point system, made the essay “optional,” and restyled the exam questions to emphasize interpreting evidence and using skills in context. The College Board hopes that these changes will reduce some of the socio-economic bias inherent in standardized testing. […]

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Considerations for taking the Current SAT, the New SAT, or the ACT

Students in the class of 2017 have more options than they can easily navigate. Should they take the old SAT, the new SAT, or the ACT? There are arguments to be made for each test, and it mostly boils down to the strengths and needs of the individual. Here are a few of the key […]

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How to Spend Your Summer Vacation Wisely

College-bound high school students may feel burned out and just want to relax all summer long.  While that’s certainly one option, summertime can also be a great opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to have many interesting new experiences while also enhancing their college resumes.  This can be done in so many ways including learning […]


5 Benefits of a Guided College Tour

Colleges and universities offer plenty of opportunities to help potential new students learn and love their respective campuses. Orientation sessions, department meet and greets, and high school open houses can give a good sense of the overall feeling and vibe of the school, but there are plenty of benefits of attending a group tour or […]


Juniors: 5 Things to Do Before Summer

If you’re a junior in high school and you’re thinking about coasting the rest of the way through to your senior year, think again. Planning for college should have already begun, but if you’re behind due to schoolwork or extra curricular activities, there’s still time to get your ducks in a row so you can […]

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How to Wait for Your College Acceptance Letter

The application process is relatively easy – waiting to hear back from colleges about your application is the hard part. February and March are particularly stressful for students who just submitted their applications and are waiting to hear back. Frustration, stress, and pressure put on by your parents probably won’t help your mood, especially since […]


Our Tips for College Applications

It’s a stressful time of year for high school seniors. End of semester tests or papers, sports and extra-curricular activities are heating up, and college applications are due soon. Even if you haven’t selected the schools you want to apply to yet, you’ll soon be looking into filling out those college applications. We have a […]

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