Steve, Rob, Laurie and everyone, I want to thank you for helping Holly to prepare for the ACT.  She received a score of 33 today which is 3 points higher than her prior test score without your help.  Thank you again for your hard work.   It is very much appreciated!… We will make sure to recommend you to everyone we come across who will be taking the ACT/SAT.
– Bellevue Parent (ACT)

Just wanted to send you guys an email and let you know that I scored a 155 on verbal and 157 on quantitative on my test yesterday! I needed 150 on each for my program. I wanted to say thank you for everything, your class made me feel very prepared for the test and obviously made me successful. I have already recommended this class to some friends who are taking the GRE soon. Thanks again!!
– Kirkland Student (GRE)

I was a student in the fall LSAT prep course. I am writing to say thank you for providing such a great course. I feel that I could not have done nearly as well without the course. What surprised (and impressed) me the most was the ample resources you were willing to provide for studying outside of class, as  I feel that combining the knowledge gained with an ample amount of practice tests was crucial to my success. Thanks to your course I was able to get a 168 on my first try, which is an increase of 11 points from my diagnostic test. I have already sent several students your way and Ihope for your continued success as a business.
– Seattle Student (LSAT)

I wanted to say thank you for helping Julia and let you know it had a good outcome… she has a composite 32 now just in time to submit with her applications…I really appreciate your patience and your sound advice. We feel very lucky to live down the street from your business!
– Seattle Parent (ACT)

I received my LSAT score (a 165, very pleased!)… So much of the credit for my improvements on the test goes to you guys! Steve’s basic strategy to focus study time on the logic games was spot on, and I feel that time spent going through prep tests helped me hone things in the other sections. I feel like I accomplished a lot in the space of two months, and your guidance through that process was invaluable to me.
– Seattle Student (LSAT)

I have Logan’s test scores for the ACT and SAT tests. I strongly believe the classes, tutoring and practice he received really made a difference in helping him to excel on test days.  Thank you for the excellent advice and instruction provided!
– Bellevue Parent (ACT/SAT)

Thank you for helping me prepare for my SSAT. I’m happy with how I improved, and feel like Sandweiss definitely helped me to achieve what I had hoped to be able to. I honestly surprised myself. Again, thank you so much!
– Seattle Student (SSAT)

I’m writing to thank you and your team for the great work that you did with my daughter, Willa. We received her SAT scores today and she made SIGNIFICANT gains.
– Seattle Parent (SAT)

When we super score Ben’s SAT … he ends up with an SAT total of 2100. We are really happy with that score and thank you for all of your help!
– Seattle Parent (SAT)

My son increased his ACT scores by 7 points.  While it took effort on his part, Sandweiss helped him come up with strategies and time management skills in order to be more successful.  Communication and follow up all were professional and thorough.
– Woodinville Parent (ACT)

My daughter took the ACT prep class this past fall.  She took the test once and is happy with her score of 33!  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the material and how to approach the test. The practice tests are reviewed to help the students correct mistakes and strategize for the exam.  She also worked with Matt on AP English prep when her high school class was falling short preparing the kids for the spring exam.  The staff is quick to respond to email and even sends reminders for class.  I highly recommend Sandweiss Test Prep and will send my younger daughter in two years!
– Seattle Parent (ACT)

I took the GRE prep course, and I must say this was amazing. Steve was great, the material was immensely helpful, and the class was well organized. The structure also really helped me get my butt in gear – I did practice problems each week, and several practice tests, all of which were provided in the package. The strategies I learned were absolutely helpful on the test and I scored very very well!
– Kenmore Student (GRE)

My son took the ACT prep class and not only did he enjoy the class, he improved his ACT score by 5 points.  Steve reviewed his practice ACT and PSAT test results and recommended my son take the ACT minus the math section, so we signed him up for those sections only. He thought Steve was a great teacher and he never complained about going to class.  The office staff was friendly and courteous.  If students miss a class they have study hall offered once a week and they can get help there to get caught up. I signed my younger child up to take the class this spring, and so far she likes it too.  She needed to do all the sections of the class. I know others who have gone here and liked it as well; you can’t go wrong.  Steve is very experienced and knowledgeable and you will get instruction that is more targeted to your child’s needs. They won’t waste your time and will recommend one of the 2 tests, and even just certain sections, or combinations of sections and private tutoring.
– Seattle Parent (ACT)

Both my girls took a free evaluation test (which is good practice and information in itself!) and upon Steve’s recommendation, skipped the class and did a few private sessions.  They had flexible scheduling, were easy to work with, and the girls appreciated the sessions – there was no feet dragging when it came to appointment time.  Both improved their ACT scores by at least 4 points.
– Mercer Island Parent (ACT)

Sandweiss is a fabulous learning environment for students of all ages. Steve and his team take an individualized approach to every student and find ways to make test prep and tutoring rewarding by focusing on self regulated learning. His ability to break down the elements of standardized testing is beyond valuable. I highly recommend Sandweiss!
– Bellevue Student (LSAT)